Thursday, February 01, 2007

Things to be happy about.

I have this book.

I don't remember where (or why, even) I got it. Sometime in highschool. It begins "A stream of consciousness list" and includes a 612 page list of little things in life that are happy moments. I thoroughly enjoyed going through this book, entry by entry highlighting things happy things that I shared with Barbara Ann Kipfer. I went through it again a few years later, this time dotting and starring entries that caught my eye and smile. It has been awhile since I picked it up (probably college), and I probably owe the book another read-through, as I am now married and a mommy and will probably apppreciate new, happy things.

I thought I would share a few of these happy moments from my book with you:

the "snuggle right in" feeling
seeing the moon rise
brand new notebooks
uneven parallel bars
getting carried away
braking for rainbows
the brisk dusk of a late October evening
when friends drop in
the moon on the snow
the smell of the sea
cold hands
saving almost everything
letters from close friends in far places
being a night person
the last crumpled leaf quivering on the oak
Prince Edward Island
rain at night, if you're safe in bed
cobblestone streets
lighthouses and piers
wanting your teddy bear
the silence of close friendship
memory lane
two-handed backhands
lip glosses
laughing til you cry

For those of you who didn't know I was a romantic, now you know! I think the author and I might be kindred spirits...I really need to read through that book's a great exercise for the heart and mind!

And here are a few things (of my own) that are making me happy today:

Nutella and graham crackers
cloudy and cold
a kiss of encouragement from my all-of-a-sudden wise three year old baby girl
a cuddly head on my shoulder
seeing my baby boy suck his thumb and hold his blankie
three days of emails from Marianne that make me laugh and smile
a scrapbook project waiting for me on my desk
a new Pottery Barn catalog
new shampoo
anticipating the arrival of Shannon tomorrow night for a weekend visit
planning on getting into an exercise routine with the help of a friend
the promise of a fire and movie tonight with Brent

What is making you happy today?


Marianne said...

What makes me happy today is your blog, as always! You're SUCH a romantic and that's one the reasons why I love you! Too bad you're not in a boring job like Steph and me, then you'd get multiple emails and instant messages :)

Jillian Marie said...

Oooh I have that book too!! Reading your list put a smile on my face!! Haven't opened mine since college either, definately must go pull it off the shelf and take a peek!!! TFS!!!

Hilary said...

I had that book too. How funny!

What's making me happy?

the quiet of the house while 3 little boys sleep
my L'Occitane hand cream that I apply and reapply and reapply in the winter
a 2-year old and a 3-year old's joyous anticipation of their grandparents' arrival
your blog--well, and even more so, you!

Stephanie said...

kimber i haven't thought of that book in forever. i remember going through it w/ you in high school on our drive out to texas. it kept us entertained when we tired of reading about our favorite Maine lighthouse! thanks for reminding me of the little things that can make me happy too!

StaceyKingman said...
a big picture of my kids
Origins lip remedy
daisies in my kitchen window
finishing a layout
my slippers

Shannon Ho said...

remembering my fun trip to wichita falls to see my dear friend.


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