Monday, August 06, 2007

Back from the beach

We just got back last night from Kiawah Island (off the coast of Charleston) where we spent a wonderful week with my family. (Pictures will follow soon...just have to find time to put them on the computer. Katy took a TON of gorgeous pictures!)

The last time Brent and I were in Kiawah, I was pregnant with Hadleigh. I only go to the beach during summers when I'm pregnant...we were in Barbados with Nathanael in my tummy. Funny, huh?

But Kiawah was wonderful...a lot cooler than expected most of the time, thanks to a bit of rain...but we still managed to get lots of beach time and the boys had lots of golf time. Hadleigh and Nathanael soaked up the beach and the pool...they both just LOVED it! So glad...

This morning, Hadleigh walked around the house with her little suitcase and told me (when asked) that she was going to see Mimi and Grampa at the beach house. I think they are going to miss their grandparents, aunt and uncles a lot...Nathanael has been saying everyone's names constantly today...and trust me, it is the cutest thing to watch him think and then say the name he's thinking of. Especially Aunt Katy or Kay-lee, as he pronounces it!

Busy getting stuff unpacked, uncluttered, refilled (as in the refrigerator), etc. Will be back soon. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Next time you visit Kiawah, we will have to meet up for lunch or something now that I'm in Charleston! Last week was probably better than this week the last few days it's been 115! Literally, like an oven!-Meredith(Pless) Tuten

lucky said...

I'm so jealous! I love going to Kiawah, and my best friend lives in Charleston. We haven't been to the beach all year...the closest one to us now is in Mexico!
Glad you had good weather!


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