Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

A little while ago, my friend Hilary posted her favorite culinary/kitchen tools on her blog and challenged others to do the same. So instead of a recipe today, I'll share with you a few of my favorites (though not necessarily "must-haves"):

1. I love my KitchenAid Mixer...without a doubt, one of my very favorite things in my kitchen.
2. Creme Brulee and Oatmeal Creme Brulee would be tough to make without a culinary torch...Brent bought me mine one Christmas...a special treat to have in your kitchen!
3. A few years ago, I received a Le Creuset Dutch Oven for Christmas and have thoroughly enjoyed using it to cook SO many things. I love the substantial weight of it (it's really heavy!) Can you tell that I like blue???
4. Apple Pie is ever so much more enjoyable to make when you have an Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer. Lots of people I know have the one by Pampered Chef, but I prefer one that has a suction mount for your counter.
5. Another favorite gift from Brent was my copper whistling tea kettle. I use this every single day, because you know I love my cup of tea! (I have the flat bottomed one pictured from Williams-Sonoma...though I just noticed they
have one made by Le Creuset in Cobalt Blue too...hmmm...can you think of a reason for needing two teakettles???)
6. I received a garlic press as a gift at a wedding shower and WOW. If you've never used fresh garlic in your cooking, don't wait any longer. It transforms the flavor of foods and smells SO good cooking! Minced garlic in a jar just doesn't cut it. And with a garlic press, it's so easy!
7. Somehow, I convinced Brent in our first few weeks of marriage that this trash can (the Allton Stainless Steel Trash Can with liner) was worth $49.95. I've never been a fan of trash cans under the sink (too small and too stinky for such a small offense to those who feel otherwise) and I didn't want one in our pantry which we had at the time. This seemed like a perfect solution...and it was. And Brent admits it now! (Just don't tell him that now you can get them online at Target for $29.99, plus shipping of course.) I love being able to have my hands full of cooking messes and be able to open the trash can with my toe. And Hadleigh and Nathanael like to use the top as a drum...
8. The Joy of Cooking Cookbook was a gift from my mother-in-law, and it is a fabulous resource that I use all the time. I gave one to my sister Katy, and she loves it too! It's the source for my favorite (and almost-famous) scone recipe.

And here are a few things I don't have, but think might be handy in the kitchen!
9. I got an email from Sur La Table a week ago with this new gadget, the SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer. It records, organizes, and prints your grocery list using voice recognition technology. How nice to read your recipe ingredients and have them automatically generated into an organized list.Don't think it's worth the price tag but sounds so nice and convenient! Check it out!
10. Love the idea of this pretty Pie and Cake Basket for carting sweet treats to picnics and get-togethers! Also featured at Sur La Table.
11. How do you store/transport cupcakes? My mom has this old orange rectangular tupperware container that has held millions of cupcakes, brownies, etc....but I have yet to find something for me. I saw this one by Wilton at Linen's and Things in the spring and am still thinking about can also order it online.

And that's it for me...sorry there aren't more links to the products (this post has
already taken me forever to write...silly blogger), but if you're interested in something let me know and I'll let you know where I found it!


Hilary said...

I think our kitchens must look exactly alike...with all that cobalt blue!

lucky said...

I have the same trash can and we use the cupcake courier! it's awesome!


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