Friday, August 31, 2007


When Hadleigh was about 5 months old, my mom and I were shopping at Harolds. We had those great coupons Harold's sends out where you get a certain amount of "free" money, depending on what the barcode on your coupon rings up as. (Speaking of which, I used to get those coupons at least twice a year...and it's been a long time since I last got one. What's up with that?) Well, since clothes shopping was not my favorite thing to do 5 months after giving birth to Hadleigh, I found the perfect pair of sunglasses. Loved them.

I am picky about my sunglasses. They have to sit on my nose just right, the sides of the sunglasses can't go too far past my ears or they irritate me, etc. So I've had those sunglasses for an amazing 3.5 years...

And then, I did something really silly. While at the beach, Katy was taking pictures of me with Nathanael...and I thought the pictures might look better without my sunglasses covering my face. So I put them on my head (hindsight is 20-20), lifted Nathanael over my head and

Katy caught the loss of my glasses to the ocean on camera. Funny, huh? And how funny is my reaction? At this point, I'm reminding myself "Nathanael is more important than the glasses. Nathanael is more important than the glasses." Immediately, I started to look for them, but they were gone. Instantly.

Kind of made me start to think about everything the ocean has claimed...and I decided that a pair of sunglasses isn't that much of a loss. Far greater things could be (and have been) lost at sea.

(And I'm sure Hilary is just shocked that I would post this photo...not only pregnant but in a swimsuit! The only picture of her I've ever seen when she was pregnant, she covered her stomach with a pillow!)


Hilary said...

Well, it is a very cute swimsuit on a very cute pregnant girl! Sorry about those glasses.

Shawna said...

Oh my gosh - I can't believe it's captured on camera - that's awesome. I'm so sad about your glasses...maybe you can use your b-day money to get a new pair?


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