Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Time Visitor

Can you guess who visited our family for the first time while we were on vacation?*

I'll give you one more chance :)

(And I must say that I'm relieved and I'm sad.
Relieved that my little girl didn't have to have first teeth pulled by the dentist in second grade like her Mommy did--especially since her two bottom permanent teeth were already coming in, just as mine had.

And sad, because once again, her smile has changed. And I'd grown a bit attached to it. But I must say that her toothless grin is absolutely adorable...and it will probably be joined soon by two more empty spaces!)

* Hadleigh was super excited about the dollar and note that her tooth fairy left under her pillow!


karen m. (akaliz) said...

what a sweetie! and how traumatic to have to get your tooth pulled at such a young age. ick. i would be glad my kiddo didn't have to experience that one too!

Allison W said...

So cute! My little boy just lost his first tooth too, the same one :)

Joel, Courtney & Judah said...

too cute~!

Shawna said...

welcome back! what an eventful vacation! :) miss you.

Brian and Ella said...

so sweet! i know i will feel the same when hudson loses his first tooth.


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