Wednesday, October 20, 2010


October 20, 2005

Five. It seems like such a milestone. When I look through these pictures, I see such marked change from year to year in your appearance.

And yet...

Last night, when I told you that I couldn't believe you would be five today, you said (and I will always remember it):

"Mommy, tomorrow I will be five. But tomorrow, I will still be the same size as I am today. My voice will still be the same tomorrow. My clothes will still fit me tomorrow. And I will still be your little boy tomorrow."

And you were. And you are. But I know that next year, when I add the next picture, I will see the passage of time clearly. Mommies do, you know.

One thing I don't think will ever change is your ability to express what you're thinking verbally. :) Or your enormous imagination. Or your sensitive heart. Or your contemplative reflections. Or your desire to be a helper. Or your excitement about life.

I'm so glad you had a special day.
You are my special little boy. Always.

Happy Birthday Nathanael!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Nathanael, we had so much fun sharing your 5th birthday party with you! You are SO much fun to be with....we do love listening to your thoughts and dreams! We love your tender heart toward the things of God! You are so very loved! Mimi and Grampa


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