Friday, October 29, 2010

Five for Friday

Five things for today:

~Looking forward to a laid-back autumn weekend. The weather is gorgeous. I could live in autumn year-round. (Have I mentioned that before?) We have family movie night tonight with chili and a neighborhood/squadron pumpkin carving party tomorrow. Should be fun.

~Loving this scent lately: Legacy by Coach. I received a sample on my birthday while shopping. I had forgotten about it until my little girls were playing in Mommy's makeup drawer. They only got into the chapstick and the perfume. (whew!) Kinda glad they thought it was an air freshener :) because now I'm excited about it!
~Thinking about some room switches and furniture rearranging...specifically, Nathanael's room and the office. Switching them would enable us to make the office our homeschooling space as well, which I think would help us be more efficient at this stage. Maybe I'll have some new pictures for you in the next few weeks!

~Hoping to finish my fall decorating this weekend. (You know, with one month left to enjoy it!) I am usually so quick to decorate for is my favorite season and usually I pull out my stuff on September first!...but this year it just hasn't been on the top of my list. I plan on having some fun peeks around our home to share next week though!

~I have to share (mostly for my Mom!) that we had the most pleasant and successful triple trip to the dentist this morning. Usually my oldest two are pretty reluctant and stubborn about even sitting in the chair. And maybe it's age (or maybe the Starbucks treats promised for afterwards!) but today all three kiddos went in at the same time, each with their own dental hygienist, took x-rays (the older 2), had teeth cleaned, the whole nine yards WITH NO TEARS. NO RELUCTANCE. I sat in the waiting room alone and each marched out happy and smiling! And they met an equally happy and smiling Mommy.

Have a happy weekend!

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g said...

Legacy is my absolute favorite scent right now. It's just. so. pretty. Enjoy that sample! And treat yourself to a purse size bottle! It's not so cost-prohibitive that way. ;) (And mine has lasted a long time, so...bonus!)

Enjoy Halloween weekend!



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