Saturday, October 09, 2010

Step right up...

This year, we decided to do one great big birthday party for all three kiddos.

I was quite excited about the Carnival and County Fair theme...and I think everyone present had a great time, especially my birthday girls and boy!

I found an idea online for the invitations...and then my sweet and computer-savvy husband made the idea reality! I love how they turned out!

Last weekend, we set up the party in our backyard, on a perfect autumn afternoon. The one exception being the Oklahoma wind. (The day before had been perfectly still. Sigh. It ended up being fine, though.) I was so thankful to have the help of Brent, Mimi, and Grampa (my Mom and Dad) to execute all the details. Parties are a group effort!

This was the main table...popcorn, candied apples, cake. Yum.
A different angle, with the prize table included.
I didn't get pictures of all the different booths, but you can see the beanbag throw front and center, and if you peek in the right bottom corner, the homemade ring toss. (I enjoyed lots of root beer :) and used plastic shower rings to toss. The bean bag banner is from Hobby Lobby and came with three bean bags.)
On the right side of the playground, we had a "Donut Bite" booth. We hung donuts from strings and had the kiddos try to eat them without using their hands. This was by far, probably the most fun event of the day. Everyone loved it, and it was hilarious to watch. :) Here are pics of our three, trying their best.

Love the hair, buddy. (compliments of the wind, of course.)
She didn't last too long without hands :)
Sack races...Hadleigh ended up loving this, despite being a little concerned at the idea! I love this picture! (and that would be Madeleine on the edge of the photo, wrapped in her blanket!)
What carnival/county fair would be complete without a Bounce Castle?
Always a hit with the kids!
And a few of my favorites...
Hadleigh watching the face painting (but refusing to get painted.)
Madeleine enjoying popcorn with Mimi.
Everyone kept hovering around the prize table.
The cakes: Hadleigh's Strawberries and Cream, Nathanael's Pumpkin Spice, and Madeleine's Chocolate Mud Cake.
Time for cake. (And I have to add, this was the first group party where Hadleigh was open to being sung too...which was a big moment for us! Yay!)
We also had a "Kiss"ing Booth (guess the number of hershey kisses in a jar) and it looked so cute, but we didn't get pictures. Face painting, hotdogs, and freshly squeezed lemonade rounded out the day. :)

It was a wonderful day...and I must admit, I'm grateful to have the party-planning done at the VERY beginning of our busy birthday month!


Shannon Family said...

what a cute idea!!! you are so creative. I love that you did it all together.
Hope you are doing well.

Ella said...

what a great idea! first of all, i love that you had a combined party for all 3, and what an amazing party! the cakes looked delicious, and the games, snacks, and prizes were so creative! what a memorable day that i'm sure your kiddos will look back on for forever! :) love it!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun memory we will always cherish!!! We are so thankful we could share the happy day with you all! Much love! Mom and Dad

Hilary said...

Such a fun party! I love how your kids each had their own cute that they all picked different flavors.

Shawna said...

you are AMAZING! and all of the cakes looked especially beautiful and delicious. i am just sad i wasnt there to help you like you did for me. next year? :)


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