Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Apprentice

For Christmas, I bought Brent a book he's been excited about for awhile: The Bread Baker's Apprentice  by Peter Reinhart.  We love a good baguette...and since we don't have any good options for buying one locally, we started making them a while back.  Brent decided to take a go at the baguette recipe I had been using, but he wasn't completely pleased with his results...and a friend of his mentioned this book and shared a recipe from it.  

So it began. :)

In the five days since (and including) Christmas, the smell of rising dough or baking bread has wafted through our home.  (I'm currently enjoying the smell of four baguettes right now...three for friends, one to keep.)

I love seeing my boys in the kitchen...and in their "tough guy" aprons!  Wish you could see Nathanael's Star Wars apron here.  I love how he loves being with his Daddy...whether building with legos, cooking in the kitchen, wrestling in the living room, or having epic light sabre duels.

I think I could get used to this...Brent home each day (gotta love vacation time!) and fresh bread on the table!


Patricia said...

So good to see the "boys" in the kitchen...nothing like fresh baked bread...

Nevette said...

Yummy!! Love the picture of Brent & Nathanael!! I can't wait to taste!


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