Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thirty years, eh?

My little brother is 30 today.  

And he's far away, teaching English in South I wish I could celebrate this day with him...

He was my first best friend.  Two years younger.  The kind of brother you always hope to have.  A blessing to me and our family.  I don't have any memories before I have memories with him.

He is loyal. Selfless.  He has such a generous heart.  A servant's heart.  Meticulously organized.  He is a  deep thinker.  Usually predictable. (For example, for years he always ordered a french dip sandwich when we went out to eat.)  He is cautious but an adventurer. Very industrious.  He is thoughtful.  He is afraid of heights but bungee jumped in Eduador.  He is funny.  He has the greatest smile.

He is an amazing Uncle Michael.  He is loved by these three kiddos. So very much.  They adore him. And he is so very good with them.

He interjects Dearth Vader in a princess story to keep them all entertained and paying attention.

He plays rough with the little guy and twirls the girls in the air.

They can count on him.

I always have.

Before he traveled the world, the four of us traveled through imaginary lands together.  We navigated the high seas of the guest room aboard an elaborate ship (the guest bed) or an almost-sinking raft (the blanket on the floor).

How I wish the four of us were celebrating your birthday together, telling you, once again, that the wrapped gift was a barbie doll.

Michael, you mean the world to me. To all of us.  You have brought 30 years of blessing and friendship to my life.

It is an honor to be your sister...and I hope that you have a wonderfully Happy Birthday...and many, many more. I love you.  I miss you.

In your honor, we're having french dip sandwiches for dinner tonight. :)

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Katy said...

Hey big sis, will you send me the photo of the four of us? I don't have it.
Thanks! And happy birthday big bro!


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