Saturday, December 31, 2011

the last day of the year...

Last night, we had a great evening with several family friends for Brent-made pizza, movie (for all the kiddos), and games for the adults.  Great conversation...great friends...lots of laughter...we were repeatedly reprimanded by our children for being too loud. (Apparently, we were drowning out the movie sound!)

But today, we shared a very laid-back family day.

Madeleine kept asking to paint, so we decided to make snow scenes...they had fun using stamps...and different objects as paint brushes (q-tips, toothpicks, bits of sponge).  Now, if only we could see some snow on our own landscapes!

Brent baked some delicious ciabatta bread to accompany our French Market Stew...I could eat freshly baked bread every. single. day.

But this is the moment that I will remember from New Years Eve...

My three, precious children. Snuggled together in the chair where I rocked each one of them as infants. Whispering.  Cuddling.  Planning.  Laughing.  Enjoying.  Together.

I hope you, also, spend this New Year's Eve with those you hold dear.

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