Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 on January Twelfth

I was inspired by seeing the "Take Twelve" challenge at Ella Publishing and decided I'd join along via Instagram.  The pictures above are as follows:

  1.  happy bright and early
  2.  all three at work on math
  3.  the "catch-all" basket in the living room
  4.  the kids body projects from CC last semester (Moved from their rooms to the entry closet. Hmmm.)
  5.  working on Project Life, week 1
  6.  Brent & Nathanael hard at work creating their TIE fighter
  7.  Maple Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potatoes (it smells and tastes delicious.)
  8.  my new favorite veggie: brussel sprouts
  9.  all about babies today
10.  King Arthur Flour delivery
11.  Nathanael (while listening to Brent read The Last Battle)
12.  The girls coloring (while listening to Brent read The Last Battle)

1 comment:

Sweet Peripety said...

I LOVE your instagrams!!! I am envious because I just have an android and can't do these! Love the CC pic of the kids and their projects! Made me LOL!! ;) ~AMY


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