Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Organized

Organizing always seems to be on my list in January.  And never so much as this year...(except maybe January of 2008 when we were moving to OK and living out of a few carefully packed suitcases & bins for 4.5 months!)

You see, sometime this week, there will be a For Sale sign in our yard...and so we have been in a flurry of cleaning & finishing projects & organizing!  So far, my big organizing projects have been tackled (the linen closet and the food half of the pantry), but there are still some areas I'd like to focus on.

And as always, Pinterest is a great source for this.

I have dreams of my pantry looking like this...but I have to wonder how long all that glass would last :) I wonder if anyone makes acrylic containers in this style...

One area that has a major need of organization is our office closet, which is home to SO much. Crafting stuff. Stationary. Photos. Gift wrap. I saw this idea in a BHG magazine a while back...and needed to pin it (so I could throw away the magazine!) I love how it looks and can't wait to find an organizer to implement it!

I currently have my collection of scarves on a multiple pants hanger, but I think this might be easier. (The picture below actually shows a collection of tights, but I think it would be perfect for scarves too.)

While our game collection is behind closed furniture doors (that no prospective home buyers will probably open), I'd like to have it organized for when we move. (Which by the way, we don't know exactly when or where yet.)  I love this idea for cards. So much easier for little hands than those cardboards packages they come in.

This looks like a great checklist (though I may do more than one a day!)


And those minutes between a realtor's call and having to leave the house?  I'm thinking a last minute tidy-up-the-house game will help the kids to be a big help.  This idea looks great:


 And so does this next one.


And as for organizing in the future, I love the idea of hidden laundry baskets.  Maybe that might prevent dress-up clothes and normal clothes from getting mixed up in the closet!

Keeping all paint samples in one easy-to-find spot would make touch-ups much easier.


And I love the idea of a large garbage can in our homeschool room/office. Or as a stuffed animal organizer in a playroom. Or for outdoor toys on the porch or in the garage.  Lots of options for this one. (And while they look SO enormous in the trash can aisle at Lowe's, you can fit them in the backseat of a two-door Mustang.  Trust me, it's been done before. :)  )

Are you in the midst of organizing projects?  What great ideas do you have?


Hilary said...

Where are you moving? Email me!!

diane reeves said...

HI Kimber-Leigh! Where are you moving to? I'm sorry we were never able to see each other in Oklahoma. I look forward to reading about your new adventures!

Keshet said...

This post makes me want to organize so badly! How is the moving going?


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