Monday, January 23, 2012


Remember this?

I finished it a little over a week ago.  It was a fun project to work on...and I'm so excited that I finished it so soon after December. Usually it takes me so much longer.

I'm still planning on adding something to the binder rings to soften them a bit...but I loved using this vintage book and Marcy Penner's kit.  Having a good number of prebuilt pages really helped me stay on top of this project.

I thought I'd share a couple of favorite pages :)

December 1: Christmas coffee

December 3: Nathanael's belated birthday party :)

December 6: First snow day

December 12: new Christmas cd

December 16: My kiddos meet The Muppets :) (There's an inside theatre pic and journaling under the muppet picture.)

December 20: Christmas crafts and special gifts from family

(a close up of that little pocket)

Christmas Day :)

December 28: ordinary, wonderful days

New Year's Eve: love that I captured that laugh.

Glad this is done...but I'll be excited to begin again in December!


Anonymous said...

Your DD looks fantastic!

Christa said...

Woohoo!!! Looks awesome!

ClaireTet said...

Beautiful. Glad you finished it!

brenda said...

Looks great! Congrats on being finished

Sarah Webb said...

Wonderful! Great work. Love the Angry Birds pages!

Shawna said...

well done! so impressed. so darling! that last picture just makes my heart smile so big...AND to know it was on my bday too... :) it's just adorable.

Jen Kershner said...

It's gorgeous! I never managed to get mine done so I decided to do a 2012 entire year kind of journal with the highlights every month. I love what you did with the Dec daily. It's inspiring!

Tara LeClaire said...

Your DD is a lot of fun!

kim said...

Your book is so cute! I love the aged vintage look of the cover.

Michele H. said...

This is stunning. That last photo is priceless. You make me want to finish my book:)


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