Friday, June 22, 2012

The Morrison House Grille

It's been almost a month...but I'm still reminiscing about this meal.

We love good food.  Comfort food.  Tex-mex.  Thai.  Fine dining.

We like them all.

And for celebrating 11 years of marriage, we opted for a fine dining experience at The Morrison House Grille

We were seated at the window overlooking the courtyard, and I was greeted by a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Brent, who had asked a florist recreate our wedding flowers. He also had put eleven years of pictures to some favorite music that he surprised me with on the iPad.  To say I began the meal with happy tears in my eyes is an understatement.

We decided to try the Chef's Tasting Menu, an amazing seven course meal, accompanied by wine pairings for Brent.  (I was more than content with my glass of sparkling Cava.  I'm currently hunting down a bottle of it.)

The food was inventive and delicious, and of course, I had to capture it on camera. (Pardon the grainy was difficult to get my iPhone to cooperate as the sun set!

This was maybe my favorite course, the amuse bouche.
An heirloom tomato gazpacho with sea salt ice cream and basil.

The appetizer...definitely the most unique. 
Artichoke Pate with black truffle, marinated artichokes, & artichoke chips

I think I have a bias towards matter the season.
Asparagus and Tonic Nettle Soup with creme fraiche, asparagus tips, radishes
If I had been at home, I would have licked the bowl.

Fish Course...probably my least favorite...though my stomach was also starting to feel full.
Olive Oil Poached Wild Alaskan King Salmon, salsify, velvet Pioppini mushrooms, red wine consomme

The intermezzo, a lime sorbet on a halved strawberry.
Did I mention that every course had a completely different serving two plates were the same.
It was fun to see the many unique shapes of their dinnerware!

My only disappointment with this course was that I didn't have room to finish it! By far, the best lamb I've ever had.
Rosemary Basted Elysian Fields Lamb Loin Saddle, with Lyonnaise potatoes, Swiss chard, black olive powder, lamb jus

We opted to pass on the cheese course, (as we had gone to a wine & tapas bar for appetizers before we knew we'd be having such a feast!) 

The dessert course was a perfect ending to an amazing meal. A perfect blending of some of my favorite flavors. Mmmm.
Dark Chocolate Molten Cake, Gianduja ice cream, hazelnut cappuccino, filbert tuile

I have to say that the experience of a Chef's tasting menu is such a treat.  I think the first time we enjoyed one was at a French restaurant on our Vermont honeymoon...and then one on our first anniversary in France.  I think I like what's becoming a "tradition"!

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