Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun

A few weeks ago, I took these munchkins of mine to Panera Bread for breakfast. 

In addition to enjoying cinnamon rolls, muffins, and oatmeal, I had an additional purpose in our trip there:

I wanted to create a list of things to do this summer...backyard activities, places to visit, cold treats to enjoy, etc.

And so we did.  45 things to do for the Summer of 2012 (and we're adding more as we think of them.)

So today, I'm working on transferring that list onto slips of paper to put in our Summer Fun Jar. (You can read about how I made the jar on this post from last summer!)

Here's our list, in case you're in need of some ideas for the coming weeks! (I'm sure you can spot Nathanael's suggestions in a heartbeat!)

  1. pool
  2. Star Wars 6 Movie Night
  3. Splash Pad
  4. Chuck E. Cheese
  5. Slip n Slide
  6. Make uniquely flavored popsicles
  7. Movie Theatre
  8. Roller Skating
  9. Build a sandcastle
10. Ice cream sundaes on the porch
11. Go to Asheville & Mimi's park while there
12. Build something out of wood
13. Watch fireworks
14. Make homemade ice cream
15. Summer Reading Contest
16. Rent Clone Wars
17. See the White House
18. Tube on the Rappahannock
19. Family Water Balloon Fight
20. Marshmallow Gun Fight
21. Blow bubbles
22. Bubblegum Contest
23. Watch Finding Nemo
24. Go to a Museum
25. Go to the Aquarium
26. Visit a bookstore
27. Go to the Lego Store
28. Family Sidewalk Chalk night
29. Go to Farmers Market
30. Pick berries
31. Go horseback riding
32. Meet Daddy for a picnic lunch
33. Have a Lego City Family night
34. Play Charades
35. Attend a concert on the lawn
36. See a clown
37. Rent MarioKart
38. Roast hot dogs & smores
39. Get cupcakes
40. Build a Bear
41. Learn about & visit a battlefield
42. See a baseball game
43. Film Star Wars 7
44. Go on a train
45. Drive with no destination

So tell me, what is on your "Summer Fun" list this year?


Merrick Dunphy said...

What a fantastic idea!

Katy said...

The Lego Store: check! We did that on our anniversary :)

Jen Kershner said...

We have a list too. It's on our dining room chalkboard. I keep meaning to blog about it!

Zorina said...

Very cool idea! I'd like to do the same for my lil' fam bam.. Thanks for the tip.

Valerie Bishop said...

What a fun list! Looks like you guys are going to be busy!

Sasha Farina said...

gonna keep this in mind for our year end school holidays. we get like 5 weeks starting from end of november! can't wait!

thank you KL!!


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