Saturday, September 01, 2012

Favorite moments...

...from my thirty-third birthday, which was Wednesday.

...three sweet "Happy Birthday Mommy" wishes first thing in the morning. impromptu trip to the park and watching them play together.

...Brent's text from work telling me how ready he was to be home celebrating.

...seeing Madeleine's hair, golden in the sun, streaming behind her as she was swinging. calls, texts, emails, cards, and gifts from dear friends and family.

...hearing Hadleigh sing "Happy Birthday" to me twice today.  Such a gift.

(I have to interject this story:  On my birthday when Hadleigh was 2 or 3, Brent was out of town. She told me we needed a cake, so we baked a cake together.  Then she told me we needed to sing, but she refused to sing "Happy Birthday" (or have it sung to her) for years.  So I ended up singing to myself that birthday!)

...a call from my parents at the exact time I was born, each sharing special memories from that day and those first moments. yummy Coconut Cake. Despite the involved frosting recipe, it was absolutely delicious.

...the wrapping paper fight that my "boys" had while I opened gifts.

...and getting to catch the last minute of my birthday on my cellphone. :)

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Nevette said...

You've been a blessing to our family since the day you were born. Love you dearly!! Oh...your birthday cake looks scrumptious!


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