Saturday, September 08, 2012

weekend reads

Our first week back at school wasn't perfect. There was a lot of adjustment, for both the teacher and the students.  

But it was a good week overall. And I'm looking forward to next week.

Here are a few posts from the internet this week that encouraged me, entertained me, or made me hungry. :)

~  Susie Davis' Back to School Prayer.  I'm writing Acts 20:32 down in my journal to remember to pray this over my children.

~ I'm excited about the release of Emily Freeman's new book Graceful. You can watch a video about the release here.  I read her first book Grace for the Good Girl and found that so much resonated with my own story.  Her blog is a favorite to read for her beautiful photographs and authentic words.

~ This post about friendships.  Thankful to have friends that have stood the test of time and distance. And thankful for new friends in this new place.

~ I'm really anxious to make this dessert. I've always loved peach cobbler...and the addition of individual serving jars & lavender are just too sweet to resist.

~ And this week, I've been trying to remember these words, from a new-to-me writer & blog: sweetwater. love love love the name. and the words.

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Modern Day Disciple said...

So I am dropping in pretty random from over at Nesting place which I found through Gypsy Mama's place and then was checking out links! Phew. Beautiful place you have here, just perusing...;) In His Grace, Dawn


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