Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walk the Plank!

So apparently, today is International Speak Like a Pirate Day?!?!?

Who knew? (And therefore it makes more sense to share this story with you today, instead of tomorrow, as originally planned.)

This past weekend while Hadleigh & I were adventuring through the rolling hills of Northern Virginia, Brent took these two on the rolling seas.

A friend of Nathanael's that we knew back in Oklahoma (who also recently moved to the DC area) had a Pirate birthday party in Annapolis, MD.

The kids were clothed and named and instructed in all-things-pirate by Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake.  After dress up and face painting, they took to the high seas in search of mermaids and sunken treasure.  Above you can see "Nasty Nathanael" and "Mermaid Madeleine" listening to their instructions and taking off!

Brent said that the crew was quite impressive; so animated and believable that the kids believed and did all they were told immediately.  They shot Pirate Pete with water cannons, were relieved to have run over a bottle of "grog" instead of a mermaid, followed the treasure map, and finally found where X marked the spot. :)

And when they returned home, they continue the creative play for hours.

I think he's saying "ARrrrgghhh!" in the picture above!


Christa said...

What a fun birthday party idea! Great photos!

Claire T said...

What a super fun party!

Sparklin said...

Cute pics!


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