Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Stain Fairy

So here's a little story about that yummy chicken enchilada soup recipe I gave you a month or two ago and a favorite blue shirt of mine.

This shirt is just a t-shirt. Nothing too special...it's from Gap I think. But it is the perfect color and neckline to go under this blue cardigan sweater that I love to wear. (This sweater by the way, was an {incredible} find at Ann Taylor. Super deal. Dressy. Casual. I love this sweater.)

I may have failed to mention that you should wear an apron while cooking and eating this soup. While stirring the soup, it splattered and left a fairly decent-sized orange spot on my shirt. Darn.

Later, I began to wash the shirt. I used my trusty Shout on the stain. Wash. Stain. I try Zout. Wash. Stain. I try Zout scrubbed in with my trusty Shout brushy-thing. Wash. Stain. You get the picture. The stain doesn't even fade. I probably washed the shirt about 6-8 times, never putting it in the dryer. I really want the stain to come out but I gave up for a little while. I must do other things besides laundry, you know.

So I folded the shirt (still wet) over a hanger and hang it in my laundry room. Then we go on Christmas vacation. I forget about my shirt slightly...I was a little disappointed I couldn't travel with the sweater, but oh well.

Three weeks go by.

Yesterday, while doing the laundry from our trip, I see my blue shirt hanging there and think to myself, I'll try it one more time. So I pick it up to slather more Shout on the stain, and to my surprise and delight:

There is NO stain. Not anywhere. I am baffled. And happy.

I like my stain fairy. (Any idea how she operates?)


Anonymous said...

You are soooo cute. i love you! Mom

Jillian Marie said...

Yay, definately gotta love that! Very funny little story, and if you ever do find her, send her our way will ya!


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