Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Variety is the spice of life

So they say.

1. It's been awhile since I posted anything scrappy, so here is a layout from awhile ago...I love the pictures of Hadleigh in it!
2. I cleaned off my desk/scrap space in our office and I'm feeling better and more organized and productive already!
3. I am so glad that socks are easily and inexpensively come by these days...if I had to darn every sock that got a hole in our family, I would have no time for anything else. And it makes me sad, because so many of my favorite socks are just about ready for the trash can...or to be recycled by Brent for staining wood projects.
4. I have yet another cold...so does Brent...so we're starting to wonder if we have allergies...oh, to be able to breathe through my nose!
5. There are children playing outside my window on our cul-de-sac. Fun! It's been awhile since anyone stayed outside for very long...the temperature report on my desktop says 49 degrees.
6. Hadleigh really enjoys wearing tights...I worried that she wouldn't because she loves taking off her socks all the time, but if we take them off for naptime or something, she always asks to put them back on....I'm glad, since I like her in dresses so much!
7. Speaking of which...what is it about Gymboree dresses that make them unwrinkley? I never have to iron those...and that, Martha, is a good thing.
8. We're having Chicken Enchilada soup tonight...yummy!
9. I got a sweet surprise in the mail today from Kelli...some Rhonna Farrer stamps she talked about here. Thank you, sweet friend!
10. My sister Katy is coming to visit us this weekend...and I am SO excited!
11. What a great response to the mascara dilemma! Jillian and Hilary, I have tried that brand and it just doesn't work for me. Marianne and Kelli...I will have to try out your recommendations and let you know!
12. Tomorrow I'm sharing a fabulous breakfast recipe with all of you...so stay tuned! It's yummy and fun to make!


Anonymous said...

What a cute page... Hadleigh and Nathanael are two of our sweetest delights ... We miss you all so much! Hugs and kisses...Mimi and Grampa

Stephanie said...

kimber, i am glad you found others to give mascara advice, b/c i am no good...i gave it up a few years ago, not b/c i don't like it, but b/c i don't like washing it off. i know i am silly, but that is me. i hope one works for you!

your comment about darning socks made me laugh. i too am thankful that we don't do that anymore, but honestly i would love to actually SEE someone do it sometime (besides just on a hallmark movie) b/c i am trying to think of how i could sew up a hole in one of frank's socks...i wouldn't have a clue...and i sew!

looking forward to the recipe tomorrow!

Jillian Marie said...

I love the LO, and I am especially happy abt scallops! Hadleigh is a cutie!! I too got a good giggle out of the darning sock thing. My hubs is so rough on his socks, must be the steel toe work boots? Hope it's ok, I wanted to tell your friend Stephanie a bit of my sock woes. I sew, and I don't know the first thing about darning. What I do is take the hole, pinch is shut and stuff just the pinched part into my machine and zig zag it back and forth a few times. Works great and hubs said it isn't uncomfortable on the toes. It's not real pretty, but it sure saves $ and beats buying new socks every few weeks!

courtney said...

ohhh- love the page.
Totally with you on the socks. I have favorite white pairs that I wear first and then don't get to wear until I do laundry again. I just can't find them in the store anymore!!


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