Thursday, October 29, 2009!!!

Quicker than quick. Faster than fast. Kerchow!

If you don't know what that means, then you evidently have not seen the Cars movie enough :)

And Cars was the name of the game for Nathanael's fourth birthday party.

We had Lightning McQueen and Mater gliders...complete with rubber band launchers.
A pinata that Nathanael loved...but wouldn't break apart. (Apparently the string pinata they design for young children are better constructed!)

A cake full of Nathanael's favorite Cars characters...

and the happy birthday boy about to attempt to blow out his candles. (Another child blew out two candles while Nathanael was waiting for me to take a picture! But he got the other two out and didn't seem to mind at all! Phew.)

It was a fun party with a few of his favorite friends!

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Anonymous said...

We wish we could of been there! I know everyone had a fun time! What special memories! We love you Nathanael....Mimi and Grampa


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