Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nathanael's Fourth Birthday

He has been so excited about his birthday...and I think he had a special day!

All smiles about being four!
Celebrating his third birthday at the beach!
Two in Texas.
His first birthday in Waco, TX! (It was homecoming!!!)
My precious baby boy, the day he was born...
and before he spent a week in the NICU.

I love you Nathanael...Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Could he really be FOUR!? oh!
His hair is so long- it makes him look even bigger! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day Nathanael! Grampa and I love you very much and we are glad we could celebrate your birthday with you...(even if it was a week early) :0) Happy Birthday to YOU are precious 4 year old grandson. Hugs and kisses, Mimi

Marianne said...

Happy Birthdays to ALL the Drown kids! What a handsome fella he is!

Angela W said...

Very cute post! Your kids are all so close in age, wow! I love how you posted them at each year!


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