Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Photo a Day

Happy Friday! Not only is it the end of the week...we are halfway through August!?!?! I really have no idea where the months of 2013 are going...but they are going quickly.

I had been thinking all spring that I wanted to do another photo-a-month sometime this summer. I followed along with one in August of 2011 and came up with my own in July of 2012

This year, I decided on August. I had planned on making my own list of photo prompts again, but a later move-in than expected plus a last-minute long trip to the beach helped me decide to just follow along again.  

So this month, via instagram, I've been playing along with The Idea Room. Here are the photo prompts for this month:

And here are my photos from the first half:

1. Borrowing my mom's hat since I left mine at home.
2. Our family in the ocean. (Wish I'd noticed Hadleigh was wearing her goggles!)

3. The water of the beautiful Atlantic.
4. My favorite earbuds made technology more comfortable. (I have a hard time finding ones that fit well!)

5. Clean laundry upon returning from vacation.
6. My B&W typewriter...more conveniently located in this house!

7. Missing my brother, who is far away in South Korea.
8. Outdoors in our backyard. I love this corner...

  9. A favorite room in our new home. I love the wall color and lighting of our dining room.
10. These three keep us entertained, for sure!

11. I love standing on the hardwood floors of this house.
12. A peek into my stationery drawer, full of pretty notecards and paper.

13. This corner of my desk makes me smile.
14. My culinary torch is a most useful kitchen tool when you love creme brûlée!

15. My colorful collection of seam binding, from Paper Crown in Oklahoma City. I miss that store!
16. The kids schoolwork will start on the 26th. Mine has already started, as I gather, organize, and continue to plan! (Hadleigh is SO excited about a pink math book. I hope that lasts!)

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Keshet said...

Such a fun post! I hope you're settling in well to the new house!


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