Saturday, August 17, 2013

For the weekend...

A few things from this week...

~ In the same week, my baby five year old lost her first tooth AND her sweet kissy-cheeks began to thin out a little bit. I honestly admit that tears were shed.

~ I loved reading "This post is for the brave ones" by Kat over at Simple Mom. It encouraged me to "start now" in several areas of life. (And I love the story about her son. Totally going to use the superhero vs. villain with Nathanael.)

~ I'm really excited about Creatively Made Home's new workshop "Home for the Holidays", which I discovered while reading at Life in Grace earlier this week. Excited about the lineup of contributors and the variety of styles they have!  You might remember that I took the Creatively Made Home workshop last fall...and really enjoyed it. Lots of great stuff at Jeanne Oliver's site!

Registration I believe begins on Monday and the course begins in October...plenty of time to get some fresh inspiration for decorating and gift giving this year! I'm looking forward to decorating our new home this year, and I'm sure this course will be full of creative ideas to implement! You can read all about the course here: Home for the Holidays.

~ I pinned this recipe for Cookie Dough Cake from Pastry Affair. And I'm really looking forward to making it. I'm intrigued, and as I love cake, cookie dough, and cookies...I think this one is worth trying out! I'll let you know.

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