Monday, October 07, 2013

Celebration Wreath

There's nothing like a celebration to get my creativity in high gear.

And with three birthdays within twelve days, October has plenty of celebrations in our family.

I love this balloon wreath I made a few years ago, after seeing several different styles of them. I decided to make one that would work for any celebration (boy or girl). I made sure that in addition to a mix of colors, there were plenty of pink, blue, and purple balloons, as those are the favorite colors of our kiddos.

This is really a simple project; it's perfect for working on with a movie in the background! All you'll need is:

a straw wreath, covered in plastic
several packs of greening pins
assortment of regular-sized balloons (you'll need a lot, depending on the size wreath form and the fullness desired.)
The process is pretty simple!

1.Take a greening pin.
2. Place the center of balloon (around the base of the rounded part under the crimped edge of the pin.
3. Position the pin on the wreath and press until the balloon and pin are tight against the wreath form.
4. Continue to pin balloons until the wreath reaches desired fullness. I did not put balloons on the back of my wreath, but you definitely could!
5. Hang on a wreath hanger or ribbon.

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This is Day 7 of 31 Days: Crafting a Creative Life. You can find an archive of all the posts from this series here. Thanks for joining me this month!

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