Monday, October 21, 2013

Some days

I saw this on Lisa Leonard's instagram feed a week or so ago, and the image and her caption really resonated with me.

Sometimes, I am too intent on perfection that it keeps me from working on anything.

Sometimes, I am too worried about what others might think.

But there are some days when I know that I just NEED to create.

It may be a new may be a crafty project with the may be finally venturing into a new medium that I've been hesitating to start.

Just create something.

Often, in trying something new, I allow myself the freedom to make some mistakes and get messy. That's how we learn, right?

It always surprises me that in the discipline of actively creating something--anything--I find inspiration for where my talents lie...and I find myself refreshed.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is Day 21 of 31 Days: Crafting a Creative Life. You can find an archive of all the posts from this series here. Thanks for joining me this month!

1 comment:

Jen Kershner said...

Yes, yes and yes! I needed that right NOW! Thank you friend!


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