Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gone in the blink of an eye...

It's easy to see how quickly my girls are growing up. I can compare them more easily...when I look at Madeleine, I think of how much "older" she seems than Hadleigh was at that age. She looks younger than Hadleigh but acts much older. I guess it's that third child thing, huh? And my baby who's not yet two seems almost five.

But then I look at Hadleigh and remember what it was like to have her at almost only baby at that time. I see Hadleigh's old clothes on her little sister and the memories come flooding back. And suddenly, five-almost-six seems SO grown up again.

Hadleigh came out of her room this weekend dressed to "go to a party". In an outfit I had a tough time getting her to wear this past winter...looks like it may be wearable this year! Five going on fifteen???

Did you notice the high heeled dress up shoes? I wish she would have posed with the purse on her shoulder like she did when she came out of her room. A little bit sassy :) but cute. She's all about filling her purse with "her stuff" and taking it everywhere.

And then, this one. She thinks she's three. (That's what she'll tell you.) Oh yes, she has lots to tell you. But that's another blog post...or maybe a novel. She acts like she's five. Doesn't want to have anything to do with anything age-appropriate. Baby dolls and dress up (but no feathers, please.) Cinderella. No duplo blocks, teeny- tiny legos preferred.

Oh, how my heart hurts. Look at those precious baby feet in big sister's shoes. She gets SO frustrated when they fall off. But she won't wear the dress-up shoes that fit...they have feathers, you see.

And not to leave out my little guy, doesn't he look so grown-up in the water? (My Project 12 July page for Nathanael.) He really loved to be in the water this summer, despite not wanting to cooperate with swimming lessons. But that just reminded me that Hadleigh didn't like it either at that age.

I'm so glad that I've been able to record so much of the past few years here...but I really want to try to journal more regularly this year...and record moments of these little lives that are growing so rapidly.


Close To Home said... so true..gone in the blink of an eye. it's so refreshing to see blogs that focus on this and the everyday things in have beautiful children. love the pics!

Davinie said...

It does go way to fast, I hear you on that! I love her blue coat. Isn't it frustrating that she can't wear last year's winter coat? I'm always thinking, Morgan, you already have a winter coat... and then I remember that she hasn't slowed down in the growing department at all, and then I'm jealous because I want a new wardrobe every season too! :)

Thanks for playing along with the Project 12 challenge this month, doll!

*reyanna klein* said...

I loved this post. So sweet and sentimental. :) And I love the photos of them! They are just SO cute! :)

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Your photos are lovely, to capture such fun memories. Its so sad that our children grow up so quick. My youngest daughter will be 16 tomorrow, her sister will be 18 in the New Year and my baby boy was 8 two weeks ago, where oh where did those years go.
When I was young my mum bought a big chest and filled it with clothes from a charity shop for me and my 8 siblings to dress up in. I am quite pleased that my mother didn't have a camera to hand and wasn't into photography like I am! She would have so much material to 'bribe' me with!
Your blog is fantastic to read and my husband and son have been umm-ing and ar-ing over the photos of all the food you have created.

Brian and Ella said...

I know what you mean about them growing up so fast...each one faster than the one before! It's almost breaking my heart to see it happen so fast. Hudson started kindergarten last week, and I cried. He was so excited, and after I took him and got back in the car, I couldn't hold it in any longer. So bittersweet...I'm so excited for him to be in school because he is so excited to be there, but it's just more proof that my boys are growing up too fast! (Thankfully he only goes 3 mornings a week, so I still have time with him). Still, where did the past 5 years go????

I love reading and seeing the pictures of your precious kiddos. It's so fun to keep up with you this way!


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