Friday, August 07, 2009

It took some searching

but I finally found a reusable grocery bag that I liked while we were in Asheville on vacation.

I didn't want the bright green ones...and I didn't really want the red ones from Target. But I still wanted to find the 99-cent ones from a grocery store. Harris Teeter came through for me!

I love the darker green with the light green contrast...and these are bigger than the standard size, so even when I fill up my cart to the top, I generally use only 6 bags. And I love how the handles are long enough to carry over my shoulder very comfortably.

So far, I've been pretty good about remembering to bring them with me when I go "big shopping"...but I can be forgetful when I run to Braums for milk or just run in for a couple items. I don't mind getting a few plastic bags here and there because we definitely reuse them here at home (Brent's huge lunches for work, lining bathroom trashcans, etc.), but I am glad to not have the enormous amounts of plastic bags that we used to.

I think we're set for now with our reusable bags! How about you? Do you use them? And if they're cute, show me a picture!


casey boyd said...

I've been working on converting to reusable bags, but like you its when I'm making the quick trip in that I forget them so I opt for paper. I have found some that have a great shape and a little deeper than most at Trader Joe's and they are bright fun colors...don't know if you have them where you live. It's a process to convert to the reusable bags but been worth the effort.

Wendy said...

much cuter than the bright green ones at the commissary : )


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