Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunshine and rain

Our day today:
and then:

Hmmm...had I known that my hydrangeas would be drenched this afternoon, I would have neglected to water them for three hours this morning. Oops.

(Yes, I sometimes forget to turn off the fabulously engineered watering system Brent designed to keep my hydrangeas alive. Each plant has a little hose extension with its own tiny little sprinkler at the base. My excuse this morning was swimming lessons. Which begs the question, how did I forget about the water since I applied the spray sunscreen on the back porch before leaving. Hmmm.)

No news to any of you, but I just adore the rain. :)

But, alas, this little cutie and her older siblings will be ready for more sunshine soon.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

Grass and hydrangeas?! I'm so jealous. Not to mention jealous of the rain!


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