Monday, August 03, 2009


my favorite flowers tend to be freshly picked and delivered by sweet, little (often chubby) hands.

They aren't flown in from all over the globe, but they are instead picked thoughtfully in the fields, lots, and cracks in the sidewalk that surround our home.

They usually fit perfectly in this sweet little vase, given to me by Brent's mom after I had my wisdom teeth removed, a few months before we were engaged. They sit on the windowsill and make me smile each time I come into the kitchen.

Instead of being accompanied by a little card, their sentiment is revealed in a huge smile and such excitement as I hear how they were picked " 'pecially for you, Mommy!"

Sometimes the stems don't quite make the cut...but even the blooms can be floated in a bowl of water.

These special bouquets make this Mommy feel loved.


Erika said...

that is really precious. My daughter does that also! Special memories!

Sasha said...

See that is the SWEETEST kids sure know how to make you smile inside and out.


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