Monday, January 04, 2010

The Agenda

Ever since high school (and maybe middle school, now that I think about it), I have kept a planner/agenda/daytimer.

My first few were the ones published with our school mascot...they included school rules and maps of campus...and had a section on "good study habits".

When I went to college, I needed one more than ever. Lots of important academic deadlines to keep...and SO many social activities. Maybe too many :) Back then, I had a couple Mary Engelbreit planners that were cheerful and bright.

Towards the end of college, I bought a beautiful brown leather-bound agenda, that was refillable from Scully (the sewn-bound option). I used it for several years. (and I still have it, so maybe one day I'll go back to that one. It is still in great shape!)

Then I was tempted by a spiral system from Target. The 365 Covey, in a clutchbound size. Perfect to fit alongside the new things I toted around every day in a diaperbag :) But this year, Target no longer sells the Size 3 Refills.

What to do...but google agendas. And I found this:

the momagenda. i ordered it in the chocolate desktop size (with the pockets accessory)...they have lots of great colors and a few different options and accessories.

like these clips.
and a magnetic chore chart.
fun stuff.

Plenty of fun colorful things to encourage you to get organized this year! Right now, they have some good sales...and if you want, I can email you a link to receive 10% your first purchase. (It's part of a rewards program they offer for customers.) Just let me know below in the comments!

If you have another planner/system that works for you, please share it! I'd love to file it know, for next year!


lisa truesdell said...

i use the busy body planner - i love that it has different columns for keeping track of different schedules.

diana albright said...

i was just thinking last night how i wish i had a dayplanner for 2010. i've tried to keep one in the past and it's always an off and on thing for me, but this year, i think i could really put one to good use.

Kacy said...

Hi Kimber-Leigh, I'm a momagenda fan--on my third or fourth one now--and I love it! Hope you do too!

Valerie said...

I just got one too, I have always been with my agenda. Ever since high school!!

Sasha said...

I am on there Fan page on FB .. I was wondering if I should get one .. I just might ..

*reyanna klein* said...

I thought about doing the MyAgenda (not the Mom version because I'm not a Mom yet...), but I just don't like how it starts on Monday. *sigh* I NEED my calendar to start on Sunday. LOL. It's SO hard to find!!! LOL.

I also don't need daily pages. I just need the month with 1.5" squares... big enough to write 2 or 3 things in. :-)

I ended up going with Russell & Hazel. I LOVE that it's a 3-ring binder, and I can add as need-be. We carry the refills at The Container Store too, so that's a nice perk (my discount). And the binder I chose is just SO pretty. :-) If I get sick of it, I can always alter it... ;-)

Kelly Noel said...

i got one too!!! in brown, as well :) have fun with it!

lisa dickinson said...

love, love love those colors! so does it stay open (lay flat?) you'll have to keep us updated on how you like it! :)

Chantelle said...

I am sad about the covey clutch at Target. I love that planner and have used it for a few years. Last week I drove from Vancouver (Canada) to Target to get my refills...and found out they are!

Maybe I will have to try the Momagenda also ;)


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