Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Emerging into 2010

This morning felt good.

Cozy, relaxing morning...with a cup of tea that had beautiful steam rising from the mug. The twirling, twisting kind of steam that makes you think of General Foods International Coffee commercials. :)

A morning with a good sense of purpose to it. Dig in. Accomplish much. Cross off that to do list.

Last week (with my agenda post below) I was so ready for all that 2010 had to bring.

And then Tuesday morning, I woke up with a stomach virus and three healthy children to take care of. Thankfully, they were so sweet for the two days I was out of commission...we watched videos, napped, read stories, and lounged. Then Saturday, Brent got sick. Early Sunday morning, Hadleigh got sick but felt fine the rest of the day.

Monday, I had two root canals. I was only expecting one...but surprisingly, my recovery has been easy and relatively pain-free. I'm thankful for that!

Brent relapsed yesterday. Went to work today. Came home sick this afternoon. Poor thing.

But today. We accomplished much. Almost all the laundry is folded or put away. (Still waiting on the last load to finish drying.)

School? Check.
Reading together? Check.
Bible Study complete? Check.
Dinner in the oven? Check.
Babysitter scheduled? Check.

Hate it when sickness pulls the rug out from under you...but it sure does feel good to be on my feet again.

So, some of my goals for this new year to put into practice:
  1. Careful study of the Bible. Not just completing my homework for Bible Study. Not just reading my devotional or my daily reading. But STUDY.
  2. Exercise and eating right. I have three active and energetic children. I should be able to run around without getting winded, you know? And I still have clothes I want to fit into. So Brent (who will be getting certified as a Crossfit Instructor in a couple months) has developed a "modified" Crossfit plan for me...and our goal is four days a week for me. I'll let you know how that one goes.
  3. "Homeschool first." This "saying" means a couple different things to me. School first before housework. Before projects. Before telephone calls. Before checking email. Because all of those things distract me...and I have to remember that I am the teacher. I need to teach, and the kiddos need to learn. If we get started right away in the morning, we get finished more quickly with enough time to fit in most everything else. It also means that when making other outside commitments (squadron stuff, playdates, errands, etc.) I need to consider how it will affect our schooltime and not feel guilty for saying "no" to some things.
  4. Creative writing. This is such a part of me...but something I have neglected for a long, long time. I want to pick up my pen and write more this year. I've got lots of ideas floating around in my's time to get them down on paper.
  5. Reading more. I did a lot more fiction reading this past year, because I set this goal last year as well. This year, I want to continue but also read some poetry and read some tougher stuff. Stuff to think about. Stuff to talk over with Brent. Books I've started and stopped too many times to count. (And reading helps me to write, so #4 and #5 go hand-in-hand.)
Glad to be back. Sorry for the weeklong break. (I'm also trying to be a more consistent blogger!)


Erika said...

I love your list! I started going to BSF (bible study Fellowship). For an entire year you study only one book of the bible. This year is John. The BSF classes have really taught me HOW to study the bible. I wonder if they have the classes in your area

Kimber-Leigh said...

hi erika! i used to do BSF, but they don't have a class here. i'm a part of CBS though (community Bible study) and the setup is pretty much the same! we're studying Acts this year!

lisa truesdell said...

i'm glad you're feeling better!! i feel like i'm just getting the year started too - i lost last week to snow days. finally trying to settle the house back into a routine and start new.. it's a good feeling. =)

Shawna said...

yay for your creative writing!!!! i am ready for some more poetry readings, please.

i really feel the same way about the new year. sigh. join me in nominating tomorrow as the start of the new year. :)


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