Friday, January 29, 2010

Before & After Friday: Family Ideas Notebook

I love magazines. Pretty, inspiring images. Creative ideas. How to's. Great stories.

For a long time, I kept the whole magazine. But then found that not only was I using up a ton of space, but I was wasting a lot of my time...trying to find what I was looking for to reference.

So I began to tear things out. And place them in folder. Solved the storage problem, but not the ease of finding.

I've been in the "planning stage" of my solution for years...but finally found some time (and materials) to put my plan in to action.

Piles of different types of articles, pictures, stories. Piles of magazines yet to go through.

I found the Staples-brand "better binder" ideal. Love the color...the flexible edges and the clear space on the spine for a little label flair :) (The colors look better together in real life, though.)

I found some great dividers, also by Staples: "better dividers". You can see in the picture above that the tabs are movable (like they are with hanging file folders), so you're not stuck with a permanent placements. The dividers are a sturdy but flexible plastic (which you can see below as well), so no fear of tearing...and you can see through them! The dividers also come with a set of printable labels, which you can access a template for online. Super easy and super neat!
I organized all my "magazine tears" by the following categories:
  • Decorating: Spring
  • Decorating: Summer
  • Decorating: Autumn
  • Decorating: Winter
  • Traditions
  • Activities/Games
  • Crafts
  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Gardening/Landscapes
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Gift Ideas
  • Books & Movies
  • Special Stories
  • Party Ideas
I have the crafts and activity section subdivided by holiday/season as well, using the new Avery NoteTabs. Have you seen this product? Love them. Wish I had access to them in college...they would have been super helpful for research and studying! Love the periwinkle blue color too!

It feels great to have something (even so little as this) accomplished and ready for each month's clippings!

And now I have everything at the ready for figuring out some Valentines Day activities and crafts for the kiddos!

p.s. It's STILL snowing! Going on 24 hours now! And the Oklahoma wind hasn't blown it all away. Pictures tomorrow! And Lisa, you may still giggle at our snow...but we've got at least 6" in some places now! Feel free to send your snow our way any day, though! We love it! ;)


Miriam said...

what a fab idea :) thanks for sharing :D

lisa truesdell said...

ok, i'll stop giggling since you got 6in. ;) we're supposed to get more monday, i'd gladly send it a bit south for you! i love how you've organized your mag clippings - i bet it feels awesome to have them where you can find them!!

Brian and Ella said...

kimber-leigh, i love this idea! thanks for sharing...i have piles of magazines that i would love to organize just like that! I love it!!


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