Friday, January 15, 2010


or WAIT???

This past week, we came home from Target with a bag full of undies. New ones for the big kids (princesses, Thomas, and Disney/Pixar boy characters)...and a bunch to have on hand for when Miss Madeleine begins potty training. (She got Hello Kitty--so cute and on sale--and some plain ones for those early trying days.)

So, four years ago TOMORROW, we began to potty-train Hadleigh. I remember because we had the MLK, Jr. long weekend to our advantage: 2 parents, 1 baby sans diaper.

And while she was a quick learner when it came to being wet...let's just say it was a long year otherwise.

So we waited with Nathanael. Didn't want to rush it. He was around 3. And he did great. A couple accidents here and there, but very little drama.

So I'm not sure what to do with Madeleine. I think she might be ready. She's very excited about those undies. And yesterday she told me "I'm wet. Need potty."

But I don't want to rush her.
Because I do not want history to repeat itself.

We'll see. Maybe I'll have a good report next week :)

And I will be oh-so-excited about having a diaper-less house...even if she is our last.


amy said...

i totally get the not wanting to push it. we didn't with philip, our second, and he was easiest. ella- she backslid- lol. she had it and then she didn't. took a loooong time. good luck, kimber leigh! i hope you have a nice weekend!

lisa truesdell said...

crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly. SO not looking forward to those days w/ sam!

Brian and Ella said...

oh, i totally understand! Hudson was really difficult to potty train, so I did the same thing with Henry and just waited. Right before he turned 3, he decided on his own he was ready to use the potty and did great...even went straight to dry underwear at night! i was so amazed!! so now Nate turned 3 in december and seems to be no where near ready. So i'm still waiting...

Shawna said...

so glad we are chatting tomorrow. sigh. :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

me too :)


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