Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bad. The Good. And the Wonderful!

The icky sickies continue to linger at our house.
Not all at once.
But ever so slowly drawing themselves out.

Are they gone yet?
Stomach viruses. Check. (Everyone. Over three weeks. Hoping we're ALL done there.)
Mysterious 24 hour fevers. Check. (Just Hadleigh.)
Horrible Miserable Colds. Will get back to you. (Currently only parents suffering.)

That was the bad.

The good? Well, at our house, being sick means all meals on a special tray...your choice of a neverending supply of movies and books...a special place of honor to be cozy...and lots of hot tea. :)

This is the wonderful.
Last night, I found this tea at the store.
It is what I always drank growing up for a sore throat...all through college...until mysteriously sometime during our first year of marriage, it disappeared.
I remember the last bag I used. I was really sick.
And the honey lemon black tea is NO substitute.
When you're sick you need herbal.
It's a rule.
I might buy out the supply tomorrow.
You know. Just in case.
I brewed a cup tonight for Brent.
Ahhh...the aroma.
Took me right back to my childhood bedroom and my Mom bringing me my own tray.
I miss that. :)

p.s. When I get sick at my in-laws, Kammy (Brent's mom) adds freshly sqeezed lemon and honey to a cup of hot water...and it soothes my throat wonderfully too! Just in case you're in need :)


*reyanna klein* said...

Mmm... I LOVE hot tea when I'm sick. Well, I love hot tea ANY time! :D I hope everyone gets better soon! :)

Sasha Holloway said...

yes it works wonders .. and so does 1000mg of Vitamin C .. out with the ickies ..



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