Friday, January 22, 2010

Before & After Fridays

I have a looooooooooong list of projects that need completing...household projects, creative projects, organizing projects, projects with children, decorating projects. Lots.

So I thought I'd make a new feature on the blog: Before & After Fridays. (Hopefully it offers some inspiration, as well as gives me a bit of accountability to get some stuff done!)

And for our introduction? Something that we waited way too long to do.

Hadleigh has slightly wavy curl to her hair...but it gets kind of straggly towards the end when it's too long. So we got it cut this week! Yay! I'm not that brave with her hair yet, so we just trimmed off about 3-4 inches...but she loved getting it done. Especially the lollipop she got afterwards!

& After

What projects are you in the midst of?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Precious! Remeber what your Dad use to say when I wanted to cut yours and Katy's hair ? :)
Good luck on your projects...I wish I could be there to entertain the children and you could work....we need to plan my next trip soon!!! Love to all, Mom


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