Thursday, February 25, 2010


We haven't been up to much around here. Just the usual routine. Haven't felt like I have had much to blog about. It's been bitter cold, so I just feel like hibernating in our cozy house, reading, drinking tea, and being cozy with my snuggly ones!

We've been watching lots of the Olympics (which has made me so very tired.) The kids love it. And we love to hear them pronounce "Olympics"!

We've been doing lots of this:
She's read through two readers now (Pan and The Mad Man and Bad Meg) and we're working on the remaining short vowel sounds (i,o, and u). She is recognizing sight words (like this, the, that, is, was, of, and) when she encounters them in new places. Like while I'm reading Farmer Boy before quiet time or when she's looking over my shoulder at a magazine.

Brent told me that during the sermon at church on Sunday, she was sounding out the words in her Bible. Can I tell you the joy that brings to me?

And I'm also doing a TON of this:
That would be trying to keep the younger two entertained and occupied and quiet (enough) to work with Hadleigh.

This week has been better in that regard...but it is a constant challenge. I am trying to embrace the fact that they want to be a part of what we're doing, by providing quiet (and new) activities that they can do independently of me while in the same space.

But we certainly encounter plenty of two-year old tears of frustration (which in turn frustrates my six-year-old who "I can't hear or think with all the crying Mom!")

We're all learning one step at a time!

Back tomorrow, I promise!!!

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