Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Little Monkeys

Aren't they cute?
Valentine's gifts from Mimi and Grampa.
(And much loved already!)

Were you imagining these three little monkeys instead???

Yes, indeed.
Monkeys for sure.

Monkeyish things lately:

Monkey #3: She pinches my nose (or hers) and says "Spooooky." I haven't the slightest. But it makes both of us collapse into giggles.

Monkey #2: He said to me yesterday before I left the house "Mommy, if there is a crack on the road, you can drive over it. Your car will be fine. You can do it." Apparently, this is due to his new knowledge after watching a bit of the Nascar race on Sunday with Daddy...something about a pothole. (I think he's just waiting for Lightning McQueen to appear!)

Monkey #1: What's been killing me lately is her "fake-don't-you-think-I'm-so-funny" laugh. Cracks me up. It's so fun to watch children discover humor, doncha think?


Stephanie Baxter said...

Both sets of monkeys are super cute :)

diane said...

Emma has been figuring out humor too. She has been making lots of little jokes with us lately. It cracks me up. They grow up so fast. Nascar is watched in our home on Sunday too. Emma likes to watch it with her daddy.

Anonymous said...

They are my PRECIOUS three little monkey-tails and I can't wait to come see them and of course you too!
p.s. Brent too!!!!


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