Friday, February 12, 2010

Projects with heart

We've had fun being crafty lately...

We have been saving broken crayons for awhile around here so that we could make these heart shaped crayons.
We attached the finished product to some cardstock and made them into valentines (which of course, I forgot to photograph) to send to cousins.

The kiddos were excited to make this flower valentine that we found in the Family Fun magazine.
Even the littlest ones can thread paper onto lollipop sticks!!!

Scraps of paper and hearts are being turned into valentines with names upon them (and colored in the recipient's favorite colors!)

When I saw these embroidered valentines at Studio Calico (originally created on The Purl Bee blog), I knew they would be perfect for a certain Valentine's Tea Party someone is looking forward to on Sunday!
So this little crafter has been stitching away all afternoon on these cards (and just finished). I'll post pictures once they're all complete!

This next project was a Valentine's surprise for me.
My little guy made this for his Mommy at Bible Study...I just love it...especially since it came with a great hug! (Not sure about his expression in the photo...I think he was probably wondering if he really wanted his picture taken!)

Speaking of valentines, my older kiddos have been coming up to me many times throughout the past couple days and whispering in my ear "Happy Valentines" followed with a precious grin. Could I ask for more?

And I wish that I could take credit for the gorgeous photo above...but it's a project from the Secondsister blog There is a tutorial for this button bracelet that I am looking forward to doing with my girls!

A heart-shaped Valentine's banner for my buffet in the dining room is "in process". We'll see if it's finished before Sunday! (But at least it'll be ready for the beginning of February next year!)

Please share your Valentine's projects here...or even just ones that inspire you!


Anna Sigga said...

Love the pics of the kids making their Valentine projects - makes me wish Valentines was a Holiday here too!

Cari Skuse said...

Looks like you all have been very creative!
Love that button bracelet,

vtpuggirl said...

Beautiful post, all the heart images are just perfect!


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