Friday, February 26, 2010


I admit it.

I am so eager for Spring to arrive.

That is strange for me. Because I love sweaters and fires and hot drinks and comfort food and scarves and cozy time.

But it is SO cold this year. I am sure not as cold as many people are enduring right now...but the wind. The Wind. It is constant and makes being outside so much worse.

And my children are aching to be outside again. They see the sunshine and assume that it must be a warm day. And then they are so. very. disappointed.

So, spring. We're waiting for you. I'm looking forward to your arrival...and I hope that you take your time once you get here...really linger again this year.

And the flowers. They are an arrangement I made last those spider mums! They last such a long time, so long that the gerbera daisies that I paired with them began to drop I plucked them all off, leaving their bright and happy centers...gotta love extending your fresh flowers!

Is it too early to start decorating for spring?


Hilary said...

No, put out some green for St. Patricks day and hope that the outside will turn green too.

amy said...

that's a beautiful, simply spring photo! love it! i so need spring, too. i know there's something magical about all this snow we have for kids, but really..enough is enough!!!! have a great weekend!

diane said...

certainly not! I hope spring lingers for awhile too.


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