Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raindrops on roses...

A few "springy" things that have I'm liking lately, thanks to the internet and the constant stream of catalogs that grace my mailbox.

From Tea, these sets of clothes for the girls:

The Min-Jee five piece set
and the Soon-Hee six-piece set.

How adorable are these fabric wall decals by Mae. You can buy her stuff (she's from Australia) from her etsy shop, lovemaestore. She has another store too, minimaestore, that has smaller decals as well, for decorating laptops, notebooks, etc.
I think the tree decal set would be adorable shading the girl's beanbags in their reading corner.

And how sweet would a teatime display look behind their play table. (Of course, that would call for room rearranging, since the table is currently in front of the window. But it might be totally worth it!)

And I found this dress in the Chasing Fireflies catalog...their clothing is a bit ridiculously priced for me...but I think this would be precious for the Fourth of July...I love that little pocket you see! And it reminds me a bit of my floral sheets growing up!


christyn said...

cute stuff! We have frost on the ground this am so it's great to get hit with a dose of spring even if it's virtual.

Tonya said...

Oooh, those wall decals are super cute TFS! I love Chasing Fireflies and I so agree with you on their ridiculous prices.

diane said...

I love the navy dress with the pocket. Pockets can add such a playful touch to a dress.


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