Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Treasure Hunting

This past weekend (and yesterday), I had the opportunity to do some treasure hunting, as my children call it! On my own, I explored a couple thrift stores locally, and came upon two things that made it home with me, a sweet apron for Madeleine and a vintage flower frog for me. :)

I was tempted by many other things (typewriters and the occasional painted chair taunted me throughout the day!) but I held my ground. For now.

When I saw the delicate lavender fabric, I immediately thought of my little lover of all things purple. And the double tiered scallops? They sealed the deal. And the ruffled heart pocket made Madeleine so excited! She loves pockets!

Then yesterday, all of us went antiquing, looking for a set of dining chairs for our kitchen. We found these at our first stop, and after exhausting our other possibilities, went back in the end and managed to squeeze all six in the back of the car.

We are 99% sure we will paint these to coordinate with our kitchen, but the old wood really is so lovely. (And I'll recover the seats too.)

Of course, I saw more typewriters, including a very small scale one that would be perfect for crafting, as well as one to-die-for dollhouse. As in, it fulfilled and exceeded every single dollhouse dream of my childhood. Wish I had taken a picture. Four stories, lighted, sunporch, definitely in need of some TLC and a couple little girls to play with (and maybe their mommy?!?) There was no price, and they will be calling me back when they get in touch with the dealer. I have no earthly idea where such an enormous dollhouse would live...but oh, the stories and imagination that would fill it.

But you know, I really don't have to go far to find treasures. All I have to do is look around me to find them right here at home.

Example one:
This little girl would be the one responsible for writing and meticulously folding and stuffing into envelopes sweet little notes to all her family members, immediate and extended.
Example 2: this one is my favorite...and will probably remain in my jewelry box (where she placed it) for a very long time.


diane said...

That apron is perfect! I am sure your girls were thrilled.

I can't wait to see the after of your new dining chairs.

Ursula said...

I'd say the most precious finds were at home. But those are some pretty chairs.

Christyn said...

nice finds! love to thrift too, can't wait for garage sale season to get in full swing.

Ally said...

You DID find treasures!

tiffabbey said...

Hey you! I found your blog through Shea, how fun is this!? I LOVE the apron, what a great find! Your children are amazing!
Nice to "see" you!
Tiffany (Angel) Abbey

Emily Pitts said...

beautiful chairs! i'd have a tough time painting that wood, but i love painted wood too.

Kimberly said...

I just LOVE love notes from my girly too...and have them stashed all through out my house from her too.
Darling Apron too...I have a HUGE Apron fetish.
LOVE that you found the chairs you wanted too! Good times!


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