Monday, March 08, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

We've had a happy day.

But I've decided that I need to start collecting some new long-sleeve t-shirts.

When it's rainy, I like to be cozy. Stay inside. Be creative. Read and play pretend with the kiddos.

But when we have to go somewhere on a rainy day (which happens to be the case, more often than not), I still like to be as cozy as possible. I have a couple favorite long-sleeved tees from my Baylor days. I still wear them a lot.

And this weekend, I rediscovered one of them. It is SO soft. But thick. Lived in warm and soft. Perfect for rainy days...when I stay inside. Because it also happens to have my sorority logo on it...and well, I guess I feel a little bit silly wearing them while "out". Not Saturday morning errands out...but hanging out with friends, etc.

So I need some new long sleeved tees. For when it's raining and I have to go somewhere and not feel like I'm trying to relive the college years. Guess I'll have to start collecting tees again.

(and a cute pic just because. Daddy and dress-up. Two of their very favorite things.)


~Sasha Farina~ said...

long sleeve and rainy days are match made in heaven. :) just like daddies and dress ups! :)

Shannon Family said...

I love reading your blog and have it on my list:) It is funny you posted this b/c I have on fall casual 2000 right now. I love that I am not alone. I can just hear you talking when I read your blog. love, Parkey:)

sarah corbin said...

i miss you, kimber. did you know we're moving to tulsa to do ruf???


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