Sunday, May 22, 2011

139 Roses

Two weeks ago (Mother's Day), I woke up to three sweet hand-deliveries in bed.  A cup of Earl Grey, a beautiful homemade card, and a sweet pink rosebud.

They told me to stay in bed until breakfast was ready (that recipe coming on Wednesday!)  And my, was it worth staying in bed for!

The centerpiece of the breakfast table had been created by my two oldest...baskets full of our knock-out roses. Gorgeous and oh-so-fragrant. (139 pink the way.)

It was a very special morning.  A very special day...with little sweet moments throughout...including a video from the children that I will forever treasure.

Every year, since Hadleigh was just 7 months old, I've taken a Mother's Day picture.  It's my only "requirement" of the day.  And Brent is always so sweet to make it happen. To the best of our ability.

Take one:

Someone is not happy about the sunshine.  (I understand. I have light blue eyes too. It hurts.)

So, take two:

I love this one...though we're dealing with the most-uncooperative subject ever. Oklahoma wind.  (On the bright side, we'll never forget where we lived the year this picture was taken!)

Take three:

And someone else was d.o.n.e. with taking pictures by this point.  And in need of a nap.  But the memory is captured.  And I love each one...though I did not find it quite as "memorable" at the time.

Some of the "outtakes" are priceless...maybe I'll share those later!

(Delayed Mother's Day post...due in part to some blogger schedule issues...and some "time to blog" scarcity issues...but thanks for reading a bit late. I wanted to have a record of it...mostly for me. :)


jamie long said...

those roses are to die for! If everyone is looking at the camera and our eyes are open then that is a good pic to me lol.

Shawna said...

what a thoughtful family you have. :) so glad you were honored and loved well on mother's day! you are one of my favorite mommas. :)


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