Monday, May 23, 2011

Farewell Spring

I do believe that you are on your way, despite how much we would love to keep you around.

The warm temperatures have arrived.  The wading pool has come out.  Waterguns have been filled.  Schools in town close in the next week or so. The air condition is definitely on.

And you know, you could stay just a bit longer next year.  Say, until June 21. 

(Picture from a birthday luncheon I gave for a sweet friend.  Don't you just LOVE hyacinths?  They are so very fragrant and absolutely gorgeous. I was thrilled to find a local florist with some beautiful and reasonable blooms!)

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Haggith van Hees said...

sorry you're missing spring! I'm pretty happy for summer coming around here, though. The temps are nicer. And no more coats! :)
Hope you have a wonderful summer, though!


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