Thursday, May 26, 2011


Has it really been ten years?  

Since we walked down the aisle, hand in hand for the first time...husband and wife?

Nine...since we celebrated our first anniversary?
In Wilmington...and then France :)

Eight...since we counted down only 5 more months of just the two of us?

Seven...since we were just a family of three, realizing just how much we could love this little girl.
Falling in love again as we watched each other as parents.

Six...since we'd made our move to Texas...and looked forward to a baby boy. Wondered if it was possible to love another as much as we loved Hadleigh.

Five...happy...enjoying one another and our two little blessings.  Delighting in the difference between little girls and little boys. 

Four...anticipating another move, a new state, another sweet baby, building plans. Lots of changes on the horizon.

Three...since knowing our family was complete. Adjusting to a new stage of life. A new place in life.
(And thankful to be in our new our anniversary!)

Two...beginning the journey of homeschooling. Making date nights happen more frequently. Having fun together...just the two of us and as a family.

One...since our life in OK seemed more settled...and invested...and full. 

What a timeline.

So much has changed since that first day.
But then, so much is the same...and even better.

I love you, Brent. So very, very much.


Susan Coish said...

Wow! LOVE your timeline of events during your ten years of marriage! Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more happy years!

Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary & Thank you so much for sharing such an beautiful timeline next year will be our 10 yr. anniversary & I think wow time sure flies when your having fun :)

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!

I absolutely love the timeline and perspective! I bet you could turn this into a cool layout!

Here's to many more years of happiness and love! :)

Hilary said...

Congratulations, Kimber and Brent! Wish we could all go back to France and have a delicious dinner. Here's to many many more wonderful years!

Donna said... wonderful. happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY to you and Brent! We love you! And can't wait to see you in 6 days!!!

Keshet said...

Love love love this post. Happy anniversary!

Shawna said...

sorry i'm just now catching up. i'm SO thankful that you have allowed me to walk with you on each step of this amazing journey. what an honor and a privilege and such fun! :) tears. love.

here's to many many more!


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