Saturday, April 01, 2006

day five and day six

Day 5...Rhonna's design inspired the and bright!
Day 6...Rhonna's colors were perfect for my BasicGrey Fusion paper! Love the colors! (design not exactly as it was in my head...oh well.)

My scheduled exercise routine skips the weekend [I think it is healthy for my body to get a rest-especially my knees- and for me to sleep in a little :) ] but I plan on using the weekend to do a less-structured exercise. Like running in the yard with my daughter and kicking her ball or going for a long walk. Something that I don't look at and say "Oh, it's TIME for me to exercise." Something a little more *exciting*! But still active.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...and finds a little rest.


Malou Medina-Bolus said...

Hi, Kimber-Leigh. Just wanted to say how I LOVE your Day 5 and the rest also but day 5 is my fave1 Love the color!!!

ArtsyMama said...

These look really great!!

amy m said...

so very cool. what are you using for a book.

Just Rhonda said...

These are cool enteries. I love the colors. Enjoy the weekend rest!

Amy T. said...

Love your style. So nice to explore some new blogs through this challenge.

Your body does need to rest... I'm taking a break from yoga today, too. But back at it tomorrow!

Lilli said...

The red page is really unique :)


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