Friday, April 07, 2006

day ten

In thinking about the purpose for my challege...I find many!

I want to be healthy and in shape...I want to have more energy for myself, my husband, and my kiddos...I want to fit in my old clothes (and get new ones that I'm happy with the size on the tag!)...I want to be a good steward of the body God has given me. Well, those all seem motivating!

I enjoyed weaving the paper...had lots of fun...felt like I was in elementary art again. I loved art in elementary school. I wish they still "required" it in 6-12 grades. Maybe I would be a better painter! There is something missing on this entry...need to figure it out and then I will repost the picture...but don't hold your breath!!!

Today the sky is the color of dust. and dirt. It is so windy...I think I look out the window every few minutes to see if a tornado is approaching...I need to walk to the mailbox...but I must brave the wind! Here goes...


Stephanie said...

hey kimber, just wanted to say hi. journal looks very fun. how do you come up with your theme each day? tell brent and the kiddos that aunt stephanie says hello!
p.s. guess what i re-read last week?

kellidarr said...

Great goals! And the paper weaving looks like sooooooo much fun! I may have to try:) have a blessed week.


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