Monday, April 10, 2006

days eleven and twelve

Okay, silly me. I have had a tough time with numbering my pages...they have been off twice, once for the day number and once for the date. You would think this would not be hard, since all I have to do is look at the day before and then write the correct day next.

But I think that is the problem. I am one of those people who write what I hear...if I'm writing a letter or journaling or anything and someone is talking to me...I start writing what they say. So I think I am looking at the page number ahead and then thinking it and then writing down the same number.

So, for all of you who are noticing the *details*, day eleven's page accidentally reads day 10. Oops. I'll fix it in the journal.

I've kind of hit a half-wall...both in exercising and in journaling. Feeling uncreative and feeling a lack of TIME for the exercise part. But I'm still doing both...just struggling a little with each. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more motivated.

And hopefully I can catch up in my journal so that on Day {21} I have finished it! That will be my goal!

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twistedsoda said...

you are I are made from the same mold. I gave up numbering and dating mine from the start! I can never remember what day it is at the best of times...hehehehe!!!

Your pages are so wonderful, simply beautiful. The colors are so emotional! See you at the finish line!!!!


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